Month: January 2013

Technology, apps and motherhood

Been having lots of fun with apps lately. If that sounds lowlife to you, well, I’d have to remind you that I’m a stay at home mom and this, already is fun for me.

So here are my kids via my brother’s Samsung Galaxy Note II S-Paint.



*pics were made via S-paint, screencaps were not.
I’m having the most fun here within the walls of my house!


App Love – Fantasy for Camera 360

I spent a good deal of my time today taking pictures with my camera phone.  It’s because of this app I downloaded from Google Play, Fantasy for Camera 360.  To use it, you need to have the Camera 360 app installed in your phone first.  Although Camera 360 in itself is already nice (not great but nice), this Fantasy app really gave me a great time today.  It was actually inspired by the works of Ben Heine, ‘Pencil vs. Camera.’   There were only a few templates available and I know pretty soon, I’ll tire of it.  But for now, I still haven’t had my fill of it. Besides, I will be going out of town with my friends soon and I’m excited to use this to take pics.

So far though, the pictures I took were just for testing purposes so nothing special.  But I hope I could get to try it outside soon (when I do get to go outside.)





What other apps can you recommend?

this is amazing.


It’s not unusual to walk into a bathroom stall and see a mix of short notes, graffiti and stories. But it is unusual for someone to take the time to craft a thoughtful response. That’s just what one Reddit user saw when she entered the girls’ bathroom at her university.

“In a girls’ bathroom stall at my university, girls have written about some of their most horrifying life experiences,” wrote Reddit user chellylauren on January 14th. This week, someone replied.”

She posted a photograph of the bathroom stall note on imgur. Read it and prepare to be inspired. (Scroll down for the full text of the note, formatted.)






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When It Comes to Cooking, Cheating is Allowed

A few years back, you would never catch me using shortcuts for cooking.  Often, I would prefer (and even enjoy) taking the long way when prepping and cooking.  I thought I’d be shortchanging my family if I do it the easy way, imagine that!

But there is one Filipino dish that I enjoy cooking now with the help of a great shortcut. The famous peanut stew from the province of Pampanga, KARE-KARE.

peanut stew

kare-kare of the Philippines

Read more about my shortcut in this blog I have written: Cheating is Allowed.  What shortcuts do you use when cooking?

Android/Smartphone Newbie in 2013

Daddy JB just got me my very first Android smartphone early this afternoon.  As expected, we still need to get acquainted with each other so navigating and even texting (as with any other new phone) still isn’t a breeze.

There isn’t really any special reason why it took me this long to finally buy a smartphone; actually I’ve been putting it off for months.  I just didn’t feel it’s something that I really need at the time.  But since I work using Skype and I would love to be able to access e-books anywhere I am (instead of just here in front of my PC), there we decided it’s about time.

I wrote more about it here in my new blog: WAHMmy – Third World Style.

Check it out! 🙂

Prepare for the future or live each day as it is?

So this is my first post in several months.  I haven’t been able to visit my own blog lately.  My last post was in April of 2012, summer time here in the Philippines.  I guess I got caught up in summer activities for the kids, looking for a suitable preschool for my son (the school year here starts in June) and teaching English, I guess. I felt I needed to reserve all my mind energy for my students and be able to focus on their progress.  Lately though I started to miss writing here and being able to just express my thoughts, be it mommy-related or not.


My 5:40am student has been often absent from class recently.  But I can’t blame her.  She is 9 years old, currently on her winter vacation but she needs to get up at 6:40am (Korea time) for her Skype English class.  I mean, if I were here, i’d hate it. C’mon, I’m 9.  I totally understand that her parents want her to be competent especially among her peers who are all studying English too. But still, sometimes, I feel sympathetic when she sounds so sleepy in class.  And to think it is so cold in Korea right now, I’d almost want to tell her to go back to bed.

I am impressed with her, though, because even when sleepy, she still manages to perform well during class.  I think Korean kids nowadays are used to all these activities starting from a young age.  It is pretty common to go to other learning institutes or tutorial centers after school hours and even during vacation.

Sometimes I think, we can learn from Korean society in this light.  In Korea nowadays, as early as middle school, parents are set for when their children would need to enter the University and are all making sure that their kids would have grades good enough to enter a reputable high school and eventually, the best universities.

Here, when a high school student on his/her first year would talk about College and the choices for a major, most people would say, you still have several years to think about that, don’t sweat it out just yet. Here, you just need to think to really hard about College when you’re already in senior year and for some even, after they have graduated from high school.

I am not actually saying that one is better than the other but I just want to say that there are lessons that can be learned from both; don’t you think?

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger



I haven’t been able to attend to my blog for several months (guilty, guilty) and I don’t really have an excuse but that I’ve been truly busy with mothering and teaching English (from home).  But I am very happy that it’s not all crickets in my blog as I have received a nomination for The Versatile Blogger award and I have Pete Denton to thank for that.

Yes, this is my first nomination for a blogging award (yeah, as if I’ve had nominations for other kinds of awards before); and even though this is several months late, I still wanted to participate for the goodwill that this nominations stand for.

So here are the rules:

1. To thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog in your post (of course we don’t need a rule to do that, don’t we?)

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers

3. Contact them to let them know about the nomination

4. And lastly, share 7 things about yourself.

I thought sharing 7 things about me would be a piece of cake but it’s not as easy as I thought but here they are:

1.) We currently don’t have TV at home. At first it was because ours broke down months ago and hubby and I never got to having it fixed or thinking about buying a new one but later it became a matter of convenience.  Being without it is so liberating that we are able to do a whole lot more.

2.) I, until now, don’t have a smartphone (it’s 2013).

3.) I haven’t been able to read, I mean really finish books, for aaaages but since a few months ago, I’ve been reading and have finished a few books (and reading one now too) and it just makes me feel so alive.

4.) I am so into Supernatural; Dean and Sam Winchester; I don’t think I need to explain why.

5.) I also am a fan of Walking Dead, Homeland, Game of Thrones and White Collar (by fan, I mean these are the shows that I get to watch regularly– although they are all currently in season break)

6.) I like Korean boy band/group BigBang.

7.) I certainly do have the tendency to be obsessive-compulsive at times and it certainly makes tasks longer and sleep shorter.

Here are my nominations:

–I know, I know, these are just 10 blogs but this is all the time I have for now ( and I still need to contact them all! 🙂 )

So thanks everyone! And thanks again Pete!