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The Bootleg Cook

Here on The Bootleg Cook I’m constantly looking for ways to make flavorful meals with a health conscious flair.  My dessert recipes are no exception.  Today, I’ll be sharing an easy and low calorie way to make one of my favorite desserts: a decadent chocolate souffle.  Don’t be scared!  I know souffles have a reputation for being a ridiculously difficult dessert to make, but once you have the egg white beating and folding under control, they’re really not that hard to make at all!

I’m a big fan of using fruit instead of sugar–pureed apples for cookies, pears for muffins, raspberry juice for brownies, and in this case, bananas for souffles!  If you’re not a banana fan, you might want to pass on this one, but I love bananas…and chocolate…holy grail if I have a chocolate covered banana.  In this souffle, the bananas provide a naturally sweet taste and serves…

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