a letter from dad

Lately,ive been missing you so much, tired of all the arguments and all of the finger pointing on who’s at fault…i know i can be difficult at times (correction,all the time), but im thankful that you are understanding…maybe im super stressed out because of our situation,financially and as a couple,believe me,im trying my best to be a husband you can be proud of. If at times,i tend to be like hitler towards the kids,im sorry…but want you to know i love you and will do anything for you 3.

But sometimes,i just want to be left alone,to relax or somewhat to have a ME time. I hope we can work things out between us,im not happy when we argue or shout at each other,i hope you can also stop being so much of a nagger, i know i tend to forget things intentionally and unintentionally, and please sana naman kung may nagawa naman na hindi mo nagustuhan (if i had done something you didn’t like) like simple things lang for me,wag mo ng palakihin (please stop making such a big deal out of it) let go na,move on..i miss our old relationship,but like i said before things change,pero (but) not the love

And if im not being sweet anymore,dont think na i have somebody else na,or anything,its just i find it a bit corny na,but i know i have to do those things to let you feel that you are still the woman whom i fought for before. Hopefully after this, i wont Hear anything negative from you,minsan kasi (because sometimes) you have the tendency to blame eh…i love you mom…

With lots of love for his family


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