making the matriarch proud

in one of my earlier posts i mentioned laing being something of our family’s official dish, only i never dared to cook it. today (it must be the rain or the fights with daimyo’s), i did dare to cook it. it was not as good as my grandmother’s but it was fairly decent.

my grandmother, being from Albay, Bicol, would always cook laing during family parties or whenever the family would get together. because of that, everyone in the family eats it, even the kids, considering it’s actually dried taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and garnished with chilies–lots of ’em.

unfortunately, i never got to really observe how Mama Taba makes it so i just did what i thought should be done.

i sautéed garlic, onions and tomatoes, added a quarter kilo of pork and sautéed until brownish, tossed in shrimp paste and poured in coconut water (we instructed for it not to be thrown away) and let it boil and simmer until the pork was tender. i then put the taro leaves and the gata (second extraction of coconut milk) and just let it simmer until milk was reduced, poured in the kakang gata (first extraction of coconut milk) and simmered to let it reduce or until the leaves were fully cooked, garnished it with green and red chilies.


for someone who has eaten delicious, good quality laing like me from an authentic Bicolana, my laing is decent and not so bad for a first try. i think my second and third tries will be much better. i think though, i’ll have to wait until the fifth or sixth before i let Mama Taba taste it. : )

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