App Love – Fantasy for Camera 360

I spent a good deal of my time today taking pictures with my camera phone.  It’s because of this app I downloaded from Google Play, Fantasy for Camera 360.  To use it, you need to have the Camera 360 app installed in your phone first.  Although Camera 360 in itself is already nice (not great but nice), this Fantasy app really gave me a great time today.  It was actually inspired by the works of Ben Heine, ‘Pencil vs. Camera.’   There were only a few templates available and I know pretty soon, I’ll tire of it.  But for now, I still haven’t had my fill of it. Besides, I will be going out of town with my friends soon and I’m excited to use this to take pics.

So far though, the pictures I took were just for testing purposes so nothing special.  But I hope I could get to try it outside soon (when I do get to go outside.)





What other apps can you recommend?


Android/Smartphone Newbie in 2013

Daddy JB just got me my very first Android smartphone early this afternoon.  As expected, we still need to get acquainted with each other so navigating and even texting (as with any other new phone) still isn’t a breeze.

There isn’t really any special reason why it took me this long to finally buy a smartphone; actually I’ve been putting it off for months.  I just didn’t feel it’s something that I really need at the time.  But since I work using Skype and I would love to be able to access e-books anywhere I am (instead of just here in front of my PC), there we decided it’s about time.

I wrote more about it here in my new blog: WAHMmy – Third World Style.

Check it out! 🙂