Who says you can tell which of my kids I love more based on my Facebook photos??


Instagram (Photo credit: iandavid)

i came across this post from Megan Jordan, Does Facebook (And Instagram. And your Mom) Think You Love One Kid More Than Another? and it just baffled me.  Apparently, one mother’s Facebook photos evidenced that she was favoring one child more than the others because there are way more photos of that child posted.  It “clearly” shows she can murder the unfavoured child.  i still cannot wrap my mind around that. but like Megan, it got me to thinking of my own photos and yep, one of my 2 kids has more photos than the other one. but i can definitely say that it does not mean i love one over the other more. it’s weird when people nowadays believe that a mother’s love can be judged by something that’s a bit trivial like social networking photos. i have not heard about that news but it’s something to think about. maybe i should post more photos now???