Greenhills Shopping Center

random thoughts

so i decided to change the name of my blog today to The SAHM (or Stay At Home Mom) Chronicles. when i first created this blog, i honestly have not yet thought of a name that i feel suits what i want my blog to be about. so i settled for the old name–kids and whatnots– which was the most (semi-)decent name i could think of at that time..but now after almost 2 weeks the old name just doesn’t cut it for me. i like this new name better because it describes what my blog is about. and it suits my first post more. when i was still planning about this blog, i knew that i wanted it to be about my daily adventures as a stay-at-home mom to my two toddlers. then when i started teaching ESL from home, the idea became clearer. i thought, even if i’m always just at home, i have a lot to write about with all the ruckus of being some sort of a housewife and working mom at the same time. and after being able to write several posts now, i finally got to think a name that suits the style of my blog better. and this name i think will stay for a while.


sometimes, i just want to run…run and never look back…run to wherever it takes me…’til i can’t get up. but if i do, would you look for me? would you go after me and call for me? why would you…when you haven’t even noticed i’ve gone.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Saturday, when I went to Greenhills Shopping Center to “feel better,” I also bought this Angry Birds toy from a bargain/novelty store for my son. This morning, I asked him where the angry bird and the pig are and:

JBboy: mommy, why did you buy me a pig that is red? diba* the pig must be green? and diba* the angry bird’s head should be like this (gesturing the correct shape with his hands)?

Me: …………

well, i’m sorry, you imitation-buster you! it’s the thought that counts.

Birds, Pigs and the mediator (Asi Cohen) posed...

Birds, Pigs and the mediator (Asi Cohen) posed for a photo shortly before talks broke down. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*diba – isn’t it/shouldn’t it/mustn’t it-you get the picture


when wives turn to food

so this afternoon i was talking about how my hubby’s always so busy training his shogun army to pay attention to me. guess what i did: yep, i wasn’t kidding, i went and got myself french fries and ice cream. nothing like comfort food to cheer a girl up.

my sister and i went to Greenhills Shopping Center which is a haven for bargain shoppers, party-goers and foodies. at first, i thought this was a bad idea; i’m walking around aisles and aisles of shoes and bags (at bargain price at that!) knowing i can’t buy anything, it was making me feel worse.

Greenhills Shopping Center

Greenhills Shopping Center (Photo credit: Ced)

but then we went into this novelty store i’ve loved since high school and found this:

me in a mug

(which i think was totally made for me); my mood started to lighten up. but the main attraction of the day is none other than a girl’s bestfriends–not diamonds, silly, i meant ice cream and fries! (or in this case, hot fudge sundae and fries)

comfort food!

so why do women turn to food when they’re feeling less than great? According to a medical/health website, comfort foods usually contain fatty acids that:

“provide the positive benefits for enhancing moods and brain function which improve our thinking, feelings, and behavior [and] are becoming recognized for their mood-stabilizing and antidepressant effects as well as satiety”

of course, we know that succumbing to all those oh-so-yummy comfort foods increases our chances of becoming overweight, or worse, obese.

if that is the case, i think emotional eating can be best resolved by unrooting the actual problem: our emotions. until we learn to accept that there is something else we are trying to gain rather than the pleasure of ice cream in our mouths, we would never stop reaching for that next pint of rocky road.