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Why You Shouldn’t Marry a Smart Woman (if you can’t deal!)

  1. she will not settle for less
  2. she will see past your excuses (and give Mr.Holmes a run for his money)
  3. she will have all your expenses accounted down (to the last cent)
  4. she will find a lot of loopholes in your well-thought-of argument
  5. she will cite medical resources on why she should take regular trips to the salon (esp. the pedicurist!)
  6. she will cite medical and scientific reasons to argue the harmful effects of your habits and behavior at home and with the kids
  7. she will back her statements up with psychological studies about why you act and think that way
  8. she will read your mind and tell you what you’re thinking of before you even get the chance to say it (like you would)
  9. she will always have a witty comeback
  10. she will come up with creative ways to get back at you (when you deserve it)
  11. she will write a blog post on why your video games are different from your kids
  12. she will always, and i mean ALWAYS, be right

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restlessly invisible… invisibly restless…

it’s Saturday and i’m bored.

yeah, i know,how can i still be bored when i have two toddlers to take care of and a home to manage. i don’t know, but i’ve been feeling bored lately, almost restless…like i’m looking for something or something’s missing, i’m not sure.

well, alright, i don’t exactly not know. it may be because i didn’t set up a family-day-out budget this month so i can’t take the kids out. may also be because i, of course, do not have a personal budget this month so i can’t take myself out either. or maybe, it’s because the hubby is not interested in anything else these past weeks other than Shogun II Total War.

what do you do when you feel invisible?

should you nag, bicker, demand? (tried)

should you go sexy and distract him from the daimyo? (not in the mood; not deserved either)

should you send a message to an old crush? (maybe)

should you rant about it to your girlfriends?  (who may or may not care)

should you just leave him with his personal time and space? (probably..but then again…)

i know what i should do. i should take a bath and get myself some fries and ice cream.

on tying the knot-can we make it last?

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March 17 was supposed to be my parents’ 28th wedding anniversary.  However, they didn’t even make it to the 24th.  In my opinion, it was over way back from the 20th or even earlier.

In a time when fewer and fewer married couples celebrate their silver (25th) wedding anniversary, what are the chances of young married couples?

I’ve been married for more than four years now and although my hubby is no alcoholic or gambler or adulterer (as far as i know), he’s far from perfect (of course not perfect-perfect, duh, but i-have-no-complains-perfect).  Last week, I asked him to drop by the supermarket after work for some grocery shopping (normally, grocery shopping is my job but since we only have a few items needed on the list, i let him do it).  Among the items in the list I texted to him was my bath soap which I have been using everyday of the four years we’ve been married.  And what do you know, he buys a totally different variant of the-thankfully-same brand.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, true, but are we really supposed to accept that men do not pay attention to the little things that are actually big parts of our lives?  (I mean come on, we have been using the same bathroom for more than four years and he still wouldn’t know?)

If you have small complaints, when would they be big enough to be merited as valid?  When would your issues be serious enough to be dealt with?  Are lack of quality time, erratic temperament, lost of romance too petty to be paid attention to like adultery or domestic violence?  How come more and more marriages end not because one has had an affair but because they have grown so much apart it’s irreparable?

Still, there are those that succeed.  I think, no matter what they did to keep the flame burning, it’s still mostly due to the desire to continue to be a partner to their better half.  Marriage is a partnership, after all. And when one decides to go solo whether admittedly or not, then it is most likely that no one’s eating cake at their silver anniversary party.