publishing blogs

new blog, hot from the oven

so i published a half-baked blog today.

i didn’t think it was going to be this hard to set enough time aside to busy myself with this project.  so at 12:00 noon today this blog was published without me having the chance to really polish it.  i think, though, this premature publishing just pushed me to work on this blog. so whatever you’re seeing now, this was definitely not how it looked from the first time it was published almost 12 hours ago.

here it is, then, my all new blog.  primarily, i want an avenue to share my experiences and my thoughts in.  usually, i have a lot of ideas stuck in my mind that i don’t get to tell anyone or to write about. then they become dreams—and boy, are they weird!  hopefully, this blog can be the outlet for all these thoughts that i wouldn’t need to have soap operas for dreams anymore. ; P