random thoughts

so i decided to change the name of my blog today to The SAHM (or Stay At Home Mom) Chronicles. when i first created this blog, i honestly have not yet thought of a name that i feel suits what i want my blog to be about. so i settled for the old name–kids and whatnots– which was the most (semi-)decent name i could think of at that time..but now after almost 2 weeks the old name just doesn’t cut it for me. i like this new name better because it describes what my blog is about. and it suits my first post more. when i was still planning about this blog, i knew that i wanted it to be about my daily adventures as a stay-at-home mom to my two toddlers. then when i started teaching ESL from home, the idea became clearer. i thought, even if i’m always just at home, i have a lot to write about with all the ruckus of being some sort of a housewife and working mom at the same time. and after being able to write several posts now, i finally got to think a name that suits the style of my blog better. and this name i think will stay for a while.


sometimes, i just want to run…run and never look back…run to wherever it takes me…’til i can’t get up. but if i do, would you look for me? would you go after me and call for me? why would you…when you haven’t even noticed i’ve gone.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Saturday, when I went to Greenhills Shopping Center to “feel better,” I also bought this Angry Birds toy from a bargain/novelty store for my son. This morning, I asked him where the angry bird and the pig are and:

JBboy: mommy, why did you buy me a pig that is red? diba* the pig must be green? and diba* the angry bird’s head should be like this (gesturing the correct shape with his hands)?

Me: …………

well, i’m sorry, you imitation-buster you! it’s the thought that counts.

Birds, Pigs and the mediator (Asi Cohen) posed...

Birds, Pigs and the mediator (Asi Cohen) posed for a photo shortly before talks broke down. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*diba – isn’t it/shouldn’t it/mustn’t it-you get the picture