working from home during the holidays–not so bad


Lent (Photo credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC)

we currently have a long weekend here in the Philippines because we are celebrating (more like commemorating) the Lenten Season. the holiday started yesterday, Maundy Thursday and will end on Easter Sunday. however, i have scheduled make-up classes for one of my students yesterday and today. he won’t be able to “attend” class (meaning he won’t be able to meet me in Skype) for several days this April because of his business trip. i don’t mind though, because one class is only for thirty minutes. and it doe snot suck that much since i don’t even need to leave home and i can still be in pj’s or whatever. i guess that’s another good thing about working from home; unexpected schedules or responsibilities don;t really suck that much because you won’t need to prepare or adjust that much. in my case, when something comes up, i just have to go upstairs, turn the pc on and log in to Skype. after that, i can go back to whatever it is that i’m doing.

there are downsides though, when you’re at home and you don’t need to follow a lot of rules. during my “shift,” i’m always logged in to Facebook (and/or Twitter) because it’s not “firewalled”. i can send and read text messages from my phone. i can upload pics online while working…alright, i know i said downside. LOL. but what i mean is, it’s fairly easy to get distracted (except for class with one student who prefer video calls), especially when one of your girlfriends suddenly initiated a chat session. one time, i even feasted on ice cream while having class. (bad…)

surfing the net while working

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and it’s not fair for me to get distracted because these people are expecting me to help them improve their speaking skills. it is a requirement that i should be a good listener so i can observe which areas they need to improve on. that is why i do avoid getting distracted. i try to focus my complete attention to my students; and in the end, they feel that…and they appreciate it. i’m only in my second month but i feel that i’m really starting to develop a good connection with my students. they are more open now, and they are more confident to express themselves even though they still have some struggles with the English language.

what kind of job allows me to earn while i stay at home being able to spend quality time with my kids everyday, lets me work in pj’s, saves me commuting expenses and lets me check Facebook and Twitter (and my blog of course) every once in a while? well, my job. this, now. as a homebased English tutor. and i wouldn’t wanna waste this opportunity, would i?



i’m not a washer, i’m a kid!

Me: you should wash your own plate.

washing dishes


JBboy: why?

Me: ’cause you’re taking too long to eat and finish your food

JBboy: i’m not a washer, i’m a kid! somebody should take care of me, mom and dad!

Me: ……..

— later in the day, i recount the story to JBdad.

JBboy: diba? diba? (isn’t it)

Me: ………