teacher me

I’ve been teaching ESL to Koreans from home for two weeks now.  Currently, I have six students with ages ranging from 23 to 57.  Meeting them is truly humbling–one is a neurosurgeon, another a marketing manager, an electrical engineer, elementary teacher, a brand ambassador (for which I won’t say) and a researcher.

When you think about it, most of them have far more greater expertise-experiences in their chosen field.  But because in class I am their teacher, then for thirty minutes each I call the shots. So far, it has been really great.  The amount of appreciation I have received in two weeks is something I did not achieve in two years working for a big multi-national company.

In turn, I know that I should strive hard to be better in what I do.  They expect me to help them learn; and to do that, I have a lot to learn myself.

One of my students told me “you are inspiration to me. i’m so glad meet you.”  he’s a beginner and he said, I inspire him to want to be better. It’s amazing when you have been put in a position to help someone and you’ve done it. Because if you are in that position and you haven’t done it, then why are you still even there…



  1. Sounds really fulfilling! Especially when staying at home may be the ultimate fulfillment, (because it really is!) it still doesn’t have the great perks of daily positive feedback like you get from your students!

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