the eternal adobo

my hubby’s favorite food in the whole world is pork adobo. no surprise there. his most favorite kind is the “heart attack adobo,” the one that bathes in oil.  while he would not have any problem eating it everyday of the week, for me it would be gag-inducing. don’t get me wrong, i love adobo; but more on a once-a-week basis.

he used to make me cook adobo all the time especially when our kids were too young to eat solid food (because now that they’re both toddlers, i need to strive for more healthy meal varieties). i had to cook it so often that i began making versions of this well-loved Filipino dish. among our favorites are adobong puti sa gataketchup adobopork-string beans/kangkong-adobo-combo.

tonight, i chose to make the chicken tomato sauce adobo. i cook it just the same way you would a regular chicken adobo, only after sauteing the chicken, i would add in tomato sauce and then let it simmer with the soy sauce and the vinegar. you can add a little sugar to taste. the result is a savory-sweet  kind of adobo that is a bit brown-reddish in color. you can also do it with pork.

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