The Woman Behind the SAHM


I started this blog before committed to continue sharing my everyday adventures as a work-at-home mom but sadly, I was not able to accomplish that. I haven’t written anything in ages! But recently, (mid-2014) I’ve had some changes in my life; really amazing changes that have opened my eyes to a brighter future for my family. So with renewed spirit and mindset, I write again. This time, I will also be sharing about these positive changes to hopefully also inject everyone with this new positive outlook.

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I am SAHM.

Hi! I’m Jen. I’m a stay at home mom (hence the blog title) who started mom-blogging this March 2012. So far, I am having such a great time although I still have a lot more things to learn and skills to master. I have been hesitant to start this blog for the longest time thinking what can I write about when I don’t get to do much or go anywhere. But hey, I’m a stay-at-home mom and there are A LOT of things to write about!

Here, I talk about my thoughts and experiences as a wife and mom of two toddlers. From time to time, I also share some recipes from that Cook in me who enjoys preparing meals for her family.

I also share about how it is to work from home after working for a big multi-national company.

So go on ahead and check out my posts. I’m sure you’ll find interesting, if not familiar things from my everyday life as a SAHM.


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WAHMmy – Third World Style


    1. hi! i am so sorry, Arianna for not being able to reply to you sooner. i’ve been very busy with work. if you are still interested to speak to me, let me know. 🙂 thanks!

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